Scientific Scrubs

I have been hankering after some nice comfy tops to wear to work. A couple of the people who are training in our lab right now are from another lab, and wear scrubs to work….

Maybe I don’t want proper scrubs, but some scrubs inspired by my Souvenir Alcatraz top?

Alcatraz Scrubs


I took a pattern off this, just adjusting the sleeves to make them looser around the hem, then made up a test of it using some fabric from the stash:

Scrubs remake

This fabric was part of the stash I was given by my cousin’s mother-in-law – the gift that keeps on giving!

I sewed the shoulder, side, and armhole seams as flat fell seams, rather than the faux flat fell seams of the original, and fudged the v-neck seam until it looked right ;o)

I also made a further two, using some fabric I bought from Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz:

Chemical Fabric

Sciencey symbols.

Scientific Scrubs

Loads of Science!

Yey for comfy new tops!


  1. i really like the idea of science scrubs in a lab. What sort of lab are you in?

    1. I am a Microbiologist.

  2. They look so comfortable- and your fabric choices are excellent 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks! I have one of them on today and it is super comfortable!

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