My Borderline Inappropriate Christmas Dress

You guys! It is only blimmin’ Christmas! And quite importantly, I only have one more module of Physics and an exam to get through, and then I am freeeeeeee! Until going back to school (hopefully) in the Summer.

Anyhow, while work commitments, distance, and a general lack of organisation have prevented me from writing Christmas cards, I did finally get round to using up my glorious Christmas fabric to make myself an outfit.

Alexander Henry - Hurry Down the Chimney

I know. Bom-chicka-wah-wah! And of course the reason why I call this my borderline inappropriate Christmas dress, if a dude can get in trouble for wearing a shirt with scantily clad ladies on it while being interviewed for landing something on a comet, then it would be terribly double standards of me to wear this out in public……… I am pretty sure I will anyway.

I bought mine from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley, after either a fabric swap or a pattern swap with the Bay Area Sewists. I was conflicted over what to make, which pattern etc. but then found Easy McCall’s M5655 in my stash, which I picked up at a pattern swap.

McCall's M5655

She doesn’t look all too impressed with it, but it is really easy to put together, minimal fitting (the only modification I made was to add an inch at the shoulders), and has POCKETS!

McCall's M5655 View B

I love pockets. Or rather, I hate outfits without pockets, which is kind of the same thing. It is kinda not my style, much like ALL dresses, but for this outfit I think it works really well.

My poor Bernie is unfortunately sick and requires a trip to the sewing machine doctor, so this entire dress had to come together using my $60-weighs-about-the-same-as-a-bag-of-flour-pretty-much-entirely-made-out-of-plastic portable sewing machine. Further evidence of how easy it was to put together, as that thing is not particularly robust! Haha!

Close up of my poorly tied bow:

McCall's M5655 View B


Merry Christmas Everyone!

(Mr Linux says Merry Christmas too)

Santa Claws


  1. Hilariously awesome fabric! Merry Christmas! 😀

    1. To you too! X

  2. Ha ha, how marvelous that you made a dress from this fabric, and even more incredible that you managed to make a dress that looks stylish too (well, at first glance anyway, until you notice the fabric design).

    1. Hahah! Moi? Stylish? Non! Never!

      1. OK, so my standards for stylish are pretty low, I pretty much live in jeans and t shirts so, yes, to me an actual dress with a bow on it looks pretty stylish. But it may not be “Proper Fashionista” stylish 😉

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