Now…. I am a big fan of books…….

… and if I can get free books in response for posting a review? Well, I should probably give that a try.

Yup, in a move that makes Mr M (and my already overloaded bookshelves) groan, I have signed up to Blogging for Books.

I found it through an Amazon review that said that they had received the book through blogging for books, and of course I imagine it was somewhat like the scene in our apartment when the cats hear the food dispenser go off *did I just hear food? -> Mad dash across the apartment*, except of course it was “free books? Did I just read free books?”

What does this mean for the blog?

Well……. precisely nothing. Other than I get a free book or two, and there may be the occasional post about it.

Does this mean the blog will turn into one of those blogs where the person only blogs when they are flogging something?

No. I’m not being paid, I don’t have to say nice things, a disclaimer will always be present at the bottom of the post to make clear that I received the book for free, and you can feel free to ignore those posts if you like.

Anyhow, I will give it a try for a little bit and see how it pans out, but I would give a heads up.

In other life happenings, Mr M and I both just got FitBits, which seems to have brought out my competitive streak as I challenged him to the “Workweek Hustle”.

I am, of course, winning. Wooooooo!

But I do find the heart rate monitoring is not entirely reliable when super sweaty (like when my coworkers and I are doing Insanity of a morning), anyone else have a similar problem?

We took them out on a hike at Mount Madonna at the weekend and wound up with over 20,000 steps, and the equivalent of climbing 147 floors to our day…… No wonder my feet were sore! A pretty view though, and then a trip to a friend’s farm to see their new goats:

Mount Madonna

I am trying to get myself into the right frame of mind for a another big cross stitch project, but keep not quite getting round to it. I have a deadline too. EEEEEEEEEEEEEKK! Oh and yesterday I came home to find an irate squirrel in the tree outside……..

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