Scout Scout Scout

I am generally a very casually dressed person. Like tshirt and jeans pretty much 99% of the time. However, I recently had occasion to require something a little smarter (when I say recently, I actually mean over 3 weeks ago, (eagle eyed readers might remember it from this post) but I didn’t get around to taking pictures and posting them until now!), but didn’t want to be uncomfortable in super smarts, as that just isn’t me.

I got a nice selection of fabric from the recent Bay Area Sewists fabric swap, including some rayon in this cute print:


I think the little guy who looks like he is wearing a red beanie is my favourite.

I had just enough to revisit my TNT tee pattern, the Grainline Studio Scout Tee, and the change in fabric  to the drapier rayon I think made it a little smarter. I finished the inside seams with french seams, bias around the neckline (not my best work, the drapey fabric was prone to going a little askew), and double folded hems.


A further complication was that I found my pins to not be delicate enough for the fabric, and so stitched without pinning.

Dressed up a little with some smart trousers? I think it looked ok, and I felt relaxed and a little bit more myself 🙂

Grainline Scout


While I was in the Scout-making flow, I also whipped up another couple, one using some printed cotton from the fabric swap, another using an impulse coupon buy from Joann 🙂


The insides of the others, I just finished by pressing the seams open and overlocking the edges, and the hems by overlocking the edge, folding over once, and then stitching down. Simples.



This past weekend was spent running (jogging) a colourful 5K…..


…..and watching the fabulous OK Go.


Happy days!

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