#happy #sad

#happy #sad

This represents a whole load of different things to me right now.

For example…… last week I quit my job.

This was in itself a happy thing, happy because it is part of the bigger picture and I now have one month off before I go back to school this fall, and also happy because I just wasn’t happy in the company I was working for, I had found it to be a very frustrating for all sorts of reasons.

Is was however a sad thing, because lots of my coworkers were wonderful people, and I will miss them.

This week another of my coworkers left, and is leaving the Bay entirely to move back to Sacramento. It is a happy thing because her house and family and boyfriend and dog are all back in Sacramento, but again a sad thing because we will miss her, and she will miss us (hopefully).

#happy #sad

With this in mind I created this as a little silly leaving present to give to her.

The font is the same as I used on the Camper van cross stitch, I just kind of made up the hashtag:

#happy #sad

(I originally sketched out the design on graph paper as usual, but you can can download a nice proper version now, find it here) The design is 48×33 squares, and I stitched it on evenweave fabric using DMC 317:

#happy #sad

I think it would be fun to do it in a colour too, maybe a favourite colour for the #happy, and drab colour for the #sad.

I framed it in a 5×7″ VIRSERUM frame from IKEA, mounting the fabric using a leftover piece of PresTax self-adhesive mounting board.

#happy #sad

Fare thee well Brooke! Come back to visit soon!

#happy #sad

It works on so many different levels.

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