Balloon Plant Pokes

Some people have green fingers and thumbs.

Plants just love them, and they are able to grow wonderful displays of colourful blooms and magnificent greenery, have vegetable plots with oodles of produce……..

I am not one of these people. I have the touch of death to plants in general, but have been having some luck recently in keeping some pretty succulents alive.

Go me!

One of the recent issues of CrossStitcher Magazine, had a project for making a “plant poke” with some super cute hot air balloons:


I decided to make some, a quick little stitching project while watching tv.


I switched almost all of the thread colours:

  • DMC 958 for 718
  • DMC 155 for 772
  • DMC 891 for 608 and 3607
  • DMC 726 for 741
  • DMC 722 for 3705
  • DMC 603 for 745
  • DMC 435 for the baskets

To mount them, instead of using bamboo skewers (as at the time I didn’t have any, and I didn’t need them to be all that tall anyway), I used wooden toothpicks.

Attaching the Poke

I placed a blob of hot glue on the back behind the basket, placed the toothpick in the glue and rotated it to ensure it was firmly coated and held, and then left it to cool.

….and that is it.

Balloon Plant Pokes

Now don’t they look bright and happy and colourful!


    1. Thanks! I feel like I can never have enough colour in my life 😀

  1. What a lovely idea! If I manage not to kill my herb garden I should see if I can cross stitch labels for the herbs 🙂

    1. Sounds like a great plan. I think I have some cute patterns for herbs in one of my old magazines somewhere.

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