Nerd Crafts: Erythrocyte (Red Blood Cell) Earrings

I know.

I disappeared into an abyss.

(Otherwise known as having two lots of visitors, resuming school, and general life.)

I have been working on a little cross stitch that is almost complete, and Mr M and I signed up for another pottery class (slip decoration and some more wheel work – we need more practice!) So that has been occupying a lot of my spare time.

But anyhow, aside from that I found I had ran out of earrings that don’t make my ears cry. Again.

(I have no idea what happens to them, I think they work themselves loose and fall out and are lost forever)

I decided to make some, and these guys are super super simple!

I used Sculpey Polymer Clay in 083 Red.

Just take a small piece of clay (pea-sized or there about), roll into a ball to smooth it out, then flatten slightly using a ball tool (or I used the rounded end of my craft knife!)


Polymer Clay Erythrocytes

Bake according to the instructions for your clay, allow to cool, then attach to your earring posts!

Erythrocyte Earrings

I think they look cute!

Erythrocyte Earrings


  1. The geek in me is loving the idea! What could be cooler than some erythrocyte ear-rings. (OK, admission time, I also possess a key-ring which is a cuddly E. coli)

    1. I possess a whole load of nerd crafts! I plan on adding more!

  2. I like them! Nice matte finish – nice job! 🙂

    1. Thanks Chuleenan!

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