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Battenberg Earrings

Mr M wasn’t feeling too good today, so while he snoozed, and Brother Marsh snored…… I decided to make stuff. First off I decided to finally embrace making some Polaroid charms/ pendants out of Fimo…. But more on those later…. Then I decided to experiment. First some squared off sausages in yellow (10) and actually […]

The CraftBaketacular: day 2 – more Potter, more writing, and planning some party prizes.

What could be more British than a nice Village Fete style competition. …and for a prize? A nice rosette. The original inspiration came from an issue of CrossStitcher magazine, but then I elaborated on it to truly embrace Britishness. First prize… Savoury first prize. Represented by a cucumber sandwich. Sweet first prize. Battenberg! Then I […]