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Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge Week 2: Paul Hollywood’s English Muffins, and a Smoked Paprika Variation.

Week 2, and it’s bread week! Surprisingly, yet again the technical challenge is something I would actually want to make! You can find the recipe on the BBC website here. I decided to do it all by hand and didn’t cheat by using my stand mixer to knead the dough, the dough progressed through phases of […]

Lemony Smoked Paprika Hummous

Work really gets in the way of my life. Well…. that, and that we went to Switzerland last weekend…………………….. ……………..and did some skiing, and for the first time in 3 visits…. I did not come back with an injury! Wooo! (previously I have hurt my shoulder, and then the next time we went I caught […]

Gnocchi with a Cheesy Peasy Smoked Paprika Sauce

I have been lucky this week. It has been a week of tasty delights so far: Day 1 Lunch: Leftover Beetroot Risotto Day 1 Evening: Easy Cheesy Lentils from Rose Elliot (with added Peas and carrots otherwise I find it’s a little too much) Day 2 Lunch: Mothership Tuesday at Pieminister! Pie, Mash, Minted Peas, […]