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Great British Bake Off Week 3: Petits Fours – White Chocolate and Basil Tuiles

So, this week the bake off is all about Trifle, Floating Islands, and Petits Fours. I hate Trifle, and didn’t fancy the sound of Floating Islands either, so that left the Petits Fours Showstopper Challenge as the theme for challenging myself with this week! I have already made macarons before, and other little tarts and […]

Cherry and White Chocolate Flapjack

Today has been a day of craftiness! (or should that be craftyness?) Two of my pregnant lady friends came round and we had a bit of a baby bib making session, using the same template as I have made before. We kept going with supplies of tea and juice….. oh and I whipped up some […]

Simple Apricot and White Chocolate Tarts

I go to an exercise class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. 07:30. Before work. I know. Some might say I’m crazy, but for me, it fits in really well to my routine: I get up, throw on some clothes, scurry to the train station, catch the train across to Clifton (or sometimes I manage […]