#Echelon Birthday Cake.

My best friend Lizzie loves 30 Seconds to Mars. In quite a big way. So, of course the first thing that came to mind when trying to think of what to make her? A Triad.


The idea for this cake took shape while I was on holiday, and when we got back I was to hot foot it to the shop and get some bits and pieces (including a trip to IKEA for something to put it on) and then get baking.


So first things first:


Cake baked.

The base cake was baked from the Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe from a previous post, which was then carved into shape:


and stuck together with chocolate frosting, and covered in white fondant. (p.s. a Triad is a very difficult shape to cover!)



I added the letters underneath, cut out of rolled fondant (I knew there was a reason I bought those letter shaped cutters!)



So it’s a little messy… as previously mentioned a Triad is a little bit of a difficult shape to cover. I think next on the list of things to do, is perfecting how to smoothly cover cakes!

update: she may hate me for posting this, but I think she looks cute. She did like her cake, so I was happy



  1. That is so cool 🙂 Lizzie u have excellent friends 🙂

  2. […] That I think I have had since… March maybe, when I went to see Lizzie to give her her Triad cake? And it was STILL IN IT’S PACKET! […]

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