Knitted Mouse Snowsuit

Yes, more mouse clothing. this one is a long time coming as I started it, but had lots of other things happening at the same time so it got a bit left to one side temporarily.

This time involved much more mixing it up patternwise, and was inspired by the real Saffy Mouse, who was wearing a big fluffy white snowsuit while we were all in Canada skiing.

For the pattern, I modified parts of the original mouse pattern, and tried to make this into an all in one suit…


Mouse Snowsuit – adapted from the Knitted Striped Mouse Pattern in Ultimate Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss.

Legs – make 2 (I made mine on quite long needles, so left the first one on the needle while making the second, but you can use a stitch holder)

Cast on 8 sts and p 1 row.

kfb x7 k1 (15 sts) p 1 row.

k4 kfb x7 k4 (22sts) p 1 row.

k8 kfb x 6 k8 (28sts).

starting with p, work 5 rows stst

k11 k2tog k2 ssk k11 (26 sts) p 1 row

k10 k2tog k2 ssk k10 (24sts) p 1 row

k9 k2tog k2 ssk k9 (22sts) p 1 row

k8 k2tog k2 ssk k8 (20sts)

starting with a p row, work 21 rows in stst.

k2 kfb x2 k12 kfb x2 k2 (24sts) p 1 row


Once they are both complete, put them both in line on one needle, right side facing, and knit across the top.


Continue pattern to form the body of the snowsuit…

starting with a p row, work 7 rows in stst

k10 k2tog x2 k20 k2tog x2 k10 (44 sts) p 1 row

k9 k2tog x2 k18 k2tog x2 k9 (40 sts) p 1 row

k8 k2tog x2 k16 k2tog x2 k8 (36 sts)

starting with p, work 3 rows stst

k8 k2tog k16 k2tog k8 (34sts)

p6, cast off 4 purlwise, with 1 stitch on the needle p13, cast off 4 purlwise, then with 1 stitch on the needle, p5 to the end.

work 9 rows stst on first 6 sts and cast off purlwise

divide central portion into 2 of 7 sts each and work 9 rows stst on each and cast off purlwise

work 9 rows stst on last 6 sts and cast off purlwise.

sew the legs of the suit together, and the seam up the back, and join the shoulders together.


Next, the arms. Make 2.

cast on 4 sts and p 1 row

kfb x3 k1 (7sts) p 1 row

kfb x6 k1 (13 sts) p 1 row

k2 [k2, m1, k2, m1] x2 k3 (17sts)

beginning with p work 23 rows stst

cast off 4 knitwise, with 1 stitch of the needle,  k2 ssk k5 k2tog k3 (13sts) p 1 row

k1 ssk k7 k2tog k1 (11sts) p 1 row

k1 ssk k5 k2tog k1 (9sts) p 1 row

k1 ssk k3 k2tog k1 (7sts) p 1 row

k1 ssk k1 k2tog k1 (5 sts) p1 row

k1 s2kpo k1 (3sts)

cast of purlwise. (p.s. I think I may have messed up the pattern count somewhere, but as long as it decreases then you’ll be right!)


Sew the arms to the suit




Two…….and then it starts to look like a little mouse in a big puffy snowsuit!


Then lastly, every snowsuit needs a hood to keep the ears nice and toasty warm!

cast on 24sts, p 1 row

work 16 rows stst

k3 [k2tog, k2] x 5 k1 (19sts) p 1 row

k3 [k2tog, k2] x4 (15sts) p 1 row

k2tog x3, k3, k2tog x3 (9 sts)

p2tog x2 p1 p2tog x2 (5sts)

k2tog, k1, k2tog (3 sts)

cast off purlwise.

join to the neck of the body, gather the hood with a line of stitching around the outer edge, then oversew the edge up the centre of the suit, and around the hood.


Suit done!


Mouse suited!

p.s. now the mouse finally had a snowsuit, I gave it to Saffy… in a box with the other outfits…


So, here is the little mouse, with her little mouse!


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  1. lornamouse · · Reply

    What a magnificent creation, I have never seen such a beautiful mouse in such gorgeous clothes. Thank you very much for your very kind present. Lindsay Mouse is a Saffy Mouse favourite;) xx

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