Baking with Herman: take 7 – Banoffee Herman.


This post was a bit delayed I’m afraid, this week has been super hectic.

It is also going to be the last Herman post for a while, I’ve ran out of inspiration temporarily, and want the freedom to explore making other things. I have enjoyed playing with the Herman recipe, and it has given me more confidence to experiment with recipes as it is very forgiving for trying new flavours and combinations.

So what did we make? Well…. Today’s Herman baking was brought to you by this little lovely that has been languishing in the cupboard for too long!:


…and some overripe bananas.

Now what to make with overripe bananas and toffee? Well of course the number one is Banoffee pie, however this is a cake!


Banoffee Herman Recipe


1 portion Herman

160ml oil
2 eggs
150g sugar
350g self raising flour
1tsp salt
200g Bananas, sliced

100g soft brown sugar

50g unsalted butter

half a 397g can of Carnation dulce de leche.

dried banana chips, chopped (optional)


Preheat the oven to 180C/350F.

Put the soft brown sugar and butter in a large pan, and leave until the butter has melted. Add the bananas, and cook until the sugar mixture has changed to a lovely caramel-y consistency (and the smell has turned divine!)


Combine with all other ingredients…..


……reserving part of the dulce de leche to drizzle on top,  and pour into a lined tin. Top with the reserved dulce de leche, and if desired, some chopped dried bananas, and bake for 60 minutes for a big cake, 30 minutes for individual cakes.




NB. we also made a Caramel Apple cake with the remainder of the dulce de leche, but I forgot to take a picture, it was actually quite nice, just not fantastic. We simply chopped up approx 200g of apple, added most of the dulce de leche to the mixture, then drizzled the remainder on the top.

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