Getting the knitting needles out.

… having been so busy recently, time has really slipped through my fingers. Now a friend at work is due to go on Maternity leave (and now going a week earlier than planned due to pregnancy related Carpal Tunnel) and as part of her gift on leaving I had planned to make her a knitted item from this:


While I was knitting the mouse, many months ago now, I took the book in with me, and she had admired many things, in particular the rabbit. So, a few months ago I bought some wool, it’s an odd colour, but it spoke to me:


Plus it’s super soft and lovely.

However, now, I have less than a week before she leaves…. Never. Going. To. Happen. Especially as doing lots of vortexing, opening lids… yada yada…. has meant my hands are playing up. Sad times.

I photocopied the pattern this time so I could scribble all over it.

Thus far… I have only managed this:


A poor effort. I shall soldier on!

P.s. Mr M has been working on a little cross stitch… I bought him a kit from Purple Thread Designs for his birthday, but he was having a rubbish day the other day so I gave him it to cheer him up. He has been wanting to have a go at my cross stitch project but I wouldn’t let him, so now he has his own, slightly more manly little project!


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