A birthday cake for the Birthday Boy!

Mr M is a LEGO fan. In the May the 4th sale, he treated himself to an Ultimate Collectors Edition Imperial Super Star Destroyer….


Mr M and Brother M hard at work.

So, to go with his iPad case, I figured I may as well continue on the theme.

I took this piece off the top of Hogwarts to assist with inspiration…


So I baked two square cakes…


Stacked them, and neatened up the edges…


Applied a thin skim of buttercream…


….and then the fun part began.. take one big old blob of fondant…


Colour, roll out, and cover….


I took the leftover fondant and split it into four….


Then shaped them into circular knobbly bits…


You know when you acquire random bits and pieces of… well… lady tat? The bits that your husband rolls his eyes at, but you know will come in handy sometime?


…oh yes. With the final leftover bits I rolled another circle, same size as the knobbly bits on the cake, and used the letters to indent….


Sweet as. So then I took the plunge and did it to the others…


Yey! Happy Birthday Mr M!


I accessorised it slightly with some minifigures, and a firework candle.


He was happy.



  1. […] My go to chocolate cake recipe is just a simple one, and generally varies by the size of eggs used. For those that love an intense chocolate hit, I use one third cocoa powder with the flour, however, I have found that most prefer a less chocolatey cake (what craziness!), so I generally use a quarter cocoa powder when making them for everyone else. I have included the full recipe below. (Note: my vanilla cake recipe is exactly the same, but all flour instead of using a quarter cocoa powder, as used in Mr M’s Birthday Cake) […]

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