The Sourdough adventure begins….

Woo! It was my birthday yesterday, and as such I got a whole lot of love from my friends, and some exciting gifts, including a recipe book, cheese grater, Jane Austen knitting magazines, a Kindle, and this bad boy:


I have been wanting to do more bread making for a while, and as a Microbiologist, I like the idea of having my own little culture at home, especially now Herman is no more.

So inside:


A professional looking apron (to add to the collection) and all this:


Including a baking stone, so I can do this thing right!

And this culture? Well as Mr Cake was called Herman, I reckon this can be:


Any Super Furry Animals fans in the house?

I shall faithfully read the recipe,……. watch the DVD,…… then hope I don’t kill it.


  1. Hi Lindsey,

    Just stumbled across your site while looking for the sequence for the dreaded 8 stranded plait (tried once just after the actuall technical challenge. Just watched the masterclass and am inspired to try again!) and have just found your bit about your sour dough starter.

    Looks like a bought option so will go lokoing for your recipes and successes (and such!).

    I have made one au naturale… “Daddy’s Dodgy Dough” was born in February this year and, although I have tried quite hard at times, haven’t killed it yet.

    Simply: Good bread flour (Wessex flour made at a mill in Wantage, Oxfordshire from wheat in a 30 mile radius) plus water (good old Thames water)

    Mix to make a cream and leave it until bubbles form.
    Throw away half
    make up to same volume and consistency again and leave for 24 hours (or so- I am forgetful!)
    throw away half
    make up to same volume… etc…

    It will smell ‘orrible for about a week or two.

    Then, one magical day, it will smell sweet and (mine does anyway) of bananas.

    Some people say “throw away the water that gathers on the top” – don’t!

    Make bread! (takes a little while to get your own particular recipe sorted)
    [The following may need tweeking for your own sour dough. 150ml of starter, 300ml water, 250g bread flour. Mix to a sponge and leave in warm place ’til very bubbly. Add 300g flour, 2 tsp salt, some olive oil. Mix to dough and follow usual bread process. Don’t forget to add some more flour and water to feed your little beasties]

    I keep mine in the fridge.

    I have left mine for two weeks and revived it

    It has been on camping holidays to North Wales and Scotland – so plenty of multicultural(!) yeast

    Also, make other stuff!

    Bubbly pancakes (that my kids love!)

    about 100ml of sour dough mix
    add a couple of eggs and some milk and plain flour (I am sorry, I mix by eye!)
    pinch of salt
    Mix to a batter and leave for the little beasties to grow and make some bubbles

    Add a bit of bi carb (about half a tea spoon I think), mix and make pancakes.

    Cook the pancake until holes form… these will hold the sugar and lemon later.

    Turn, cook, eat!

    Anyway.. great blog. You are now on my favourites

    1. Thanks, I will try and have a go at some.

      Yeah, mine is a starter from Hobbs House. I got it for my birthday and so far it’s still going strong! Makes lovely tasting bread, and as you said, kept in the fridge it seems to survive ok even if it doesn’t get fed for a bit.

      I guess it would be pretty tragic if I killed it as I’m supposed to be a professional at keeping little beasties like that alive!

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