Raiding the material stash: an easy wrap and adding to the Simplicity 3835 collection

I was meant to be going to watch a load of planes today. I didn’t. I was tired, it was raining (and has been for the past two weeks or so), the fields around the airstrip would be a mudbath.

Instead, I played with a few sewing projects, utilising some more of the random bits of material in my stash.

I found some stretchy furry type material in red, so decided to have a go at this swimsuit wrap, from Diary of a mad crafter. My material wasn’t quite as long as used there, but I thought it would probably work anyway, just be a little tighter.

First off I tried to just hem the edges, but with the stretchy material it was looking at bit distorted and crappy, soI decided to use my newfound binding skills from the apron workshop to edge the material in some more odd bits. I didn’t post about it then as I forgot to take pictures so here it is:

Cut strips of material 4 times as wide as you would like your binding to be, I cut mine straight as I wanted the binding to keep the stretch under control, but usually you would cut on the bias so that it would curve around corners.


Sew the strips together.


Pin the right side of the strips to the wrong side edge:


Sew along.


Press the binding over the edge and flat:


Then, turn the edge inwards to the folded edge:


…and then over to encase the edge.


Then sew a line of topstitching along the binding:


There you go! Bound!

Next step was to cut off the top two corners….


Then cut the two straps, fold etc, then sew the ends, right sides together.


Pin to the edges of the cut corners….


Then sew…


…and it is done!


I also used this prettybatik fabric I found in the stash to make another 3835 top to add to my collection (I now have 5 of them!) Cute no?


One comment

  1. Awesome! I love it! I actually like that it’s a bit tighter than mine. Just got your e-mail, going to put it up on diary of a mad crafter!! 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing!

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