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Peacock Print Dress (and getting to use my new toys)

Having now got both a shiny new overlocker, and a shiny new crafting table….. time to test them out! A friend of mine is getting married on Friday, so I decided to try to make myself something to wear. One of my favourite patterns for a top is Simplicity 3835, I must have made at […]

Raiding the material stash: an easy wrap and adding to the Simplicity 3835 collection

I was meant to be going to watch a load of planes today. I didn’t. I was tired, it was raining (and has been for the past two weeks or so), the fields around the airstrip would be a mudbath. Instead, I played with a few sewing projects, utilising some more of the random bits […]

Embracing the sewing machine: Simplicity 3835 (View C)

I have a bad habit. It is buying books, patterns, all sorts of things, for cuteness value. The good intention is there to make something…. But it never seems to happen. So I got out some patterns and had a flick through for things I would like to make, having also bought some pretty fabrics […]