Wedding table confetti

There are some friends that you have forever. No matter how long it is since you have seen them, it’s as if you have never been apart.

My friend Rebecca is one such friend, we met at Rainbow playgroup when we were about 4 or 5, our mothers were firm friends (hers a Speech and Language therapist, mine a Physiotherapist, they got on well), and we spent a large portion of our childhood and teenage years together. She however went to University in Cardiff, so distance separated us for many years, but each time we met up, it was just as it had always been.

She’s an English teacher, and so to incorporate her love of books into her wedding, her sister made some lovely table confetti:

Each piece of confetti was punched from the pages of Pride and Prejudice, using a heart shaped paper punch, and partnered with some plastic teal coloured fake jewels. Beautiful. And so Miss H. Although I guess now she is Mrs B!

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