Happy Birthday Mouse!

It’s been a while, but I decided to return to my Knitted Mouse. It is the birthday of little lady in question this week, so I thought I would make a new outfit.

Pattern wise, I used the standard pattern from the Ultimate Book of Baby Knits as before, but worked it in mainly in stocking stitch, and added 6 extra rows in the skirt to attempt to give it a glamourous longer length. I also added a garter stitch waistband, and worked the outer stitches of the top part of the dress in garter stitch to give it some definition.


Then I added a bit of extra decoration using needle felting…….. wrapped it up… and popped it in the post!


In other news, I just bought 3 books and a couple of doughnut cutters off Amazon………….. Mr M’s response “3 books!” I just looked at the LEGO Super Star Destroyer and AT-ST currently in residence on our living room table. ’nuff said.

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