….and Relax.

These past few weeks have been crazy busy, work has been stressful, people have been angry…. well overdue a break!

So thankfully this weekend we went to see my cousin.

Along with being amazingly wonderful people with super cute kids, they also live in rural Buckinghamshire in a lovely house with acres of woodland.

Lush. Relaxing. Fabulous.

So, we played on the Trampoline with toddler R:

Threw sticks for the dog:

Note: she doesn’t give the sticks back. She collects them in her mouth until she can no longer fit any more in.

We also went to a Beer festival… Yes I know we don’t drink, but it was free and involved a Jazz band who were pretty cool. One of the guys played a Sousaphone. Mr M was fascinated.

Baby H chilled out in her sling:

Bizarrely, the youngish types came early on, then left. Then all the families with children arrived later on. You would have thought it would be the other way round.

Sunday we went for a nice long walk. Lovely. Excellent weekend.

Anyway, as guests, it’s nice to bring gifts. A lack of time led to us only bringing Pterry for baby H, some shop bought pastries (poor I know, but they were tasty)…. and not even having enough time to make the hobnobs… we brought them deconstructed:


  1. Awesome! Loving the baby sling 🙂

    1. Yeah, it was lovely to see them, and the weather was shiny and beautiful on Saturday.

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