My friend bought this book, Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett.

And well… they were all just so darn cute! Not really scary at all. I needed it in my life.

But I guess knitting a dinosaur for myself was kind of silly. I need children to justify these things. But I do have totally adorable little ones that I can make things for. My cousin has two absolutely beyond cute children, and as we were off to see them this weekend, I thought it was time to make them!

I had some leftover soft baby wool from the mouse, so decided to use that to make a Pterodactyl. It was super cute.

So I knitted all the pieces and stuffed them…. note: the pattern was a bit wrong for the head, it referred to the wing pattern, but that isn’t symmetrical so alas… it doesn’t work! I got a little confused by it, but winged it and it turned out ok. Also, the knitting technique that I use is a little different (according to Mother M I do twisted knitting, but in my Debbie Bliss book it’s knitting….), so in order to ensure that the ssk and k2tog stitches were right (v.important for the head), I had to do those stitches the other way to normal.

Then it was just a case of sewing them all together!

Doesn’t it look a bit like a stripey turkey? Also, I sewed the legs on using the thread jointing technique, so they move around.

For the head, instead of using a felt teardrop shape and mini button, I sewed a simple eye on with some dark grey wool, as it was for a weeny tiny person and I wanted to make sure it was safe:

….and……. here it is!

Not very originally, we decided to call it Pterry. Pterry the Pterodactyl.

But baby H liked it. It’s pointy head was good for chewing.

I was going to make another one for baby R too, but ran out of time, and my hands started cramping. I will persevere!


  1. Amazing! Very neat knitting.

    1. Haha! Yeah, my knitting is neat although I don’t knit very fast!

  2. Rowena P · · Reply

    Your pterodactyl looks great! I’m trying to make this myself and have just found the problem with the head pattern. What did you do? Help!


    1. I just sort of mirrored the increases on each end to 25sts, instead of only at one end, keeping the K st on the WS as set. You should end up with a triangular shape with the K st groove down the centre then, which does end up looking as it does in the picture!

      Hope this helps/makes sense!

      Let me know how it goes!

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