Today in London Town…..

….we got up, went to Borough Market for some breakfast:


(that would be a Spinach and Feta Spelt Croissant – totally delicious)

I also got in a couple of Christmas present purchases, but of course I’m not showing you those as that would be telling!

We then headed over to Portobello Road Market, and at this point were a little tired, so stopped for a spot of lunch at a cafe. Ordered Leek and Potato soup…. It arrived and was more like Pepper and Potato. Bleurgh! Thankfully the bread and butter it came with were just about enough to make it edible. I also went to the fabulous Books for Cooks, an entire shop filled with cookbooks. Imagine the damage I could do in there! I think Mr M will be very impressed to learn that I didn’t buy any… (I did eye some up for the future though, obviously)

Then we had tickets for late entry into the Cake and Bake Show. Yeah, it’s a long story… I am a bad daughter and forgot to get tickets until after they had sold out! Thankfully they released not only these late entry tickets, but also some full tickets for Sunday, so we will be going back for more tomorrow! Also, I slightly redeemed myself by taking Mum out to the theatre last night:


Anyhow, Cake and Bake Show! Loads of cake decorating stuff for sale, also some freebies and demos from Dr Oetker and This is my haul from today:


I think tomorrow I could do better… 😉

We got into the show just in time to watch the demo from Ruth Clemens, she made a lovely chocolate and orange cake, which was cut up for us all to taste at the end. Yummy. It was moist and delicious. I will probably have to give it a go! Also she spotted a certain Silver Fox in her audience so dragged Paul Hollywood up to assist!


Later she spotted Edd Kimber too, so he did some chocolate chopping, while Paul phoned Mary Berry and put the microphone next to the phone speaker so she got involved too (she will be there in person tomorrow).

Another demo of note we saw, was by Sarah Jane and Cathryn of this year’s Great British Bake Off. Seamless it wasn’t. Carry On Baking it was. But hilariously entertaining!

Looking forward to getting some more free stuff tomorrow, also buying perhaps a book….. and getting it signed! 

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