Sunday: More Cake and Bake Show….

Today we went back for more lovely Cake and Bake Show action. The lady herself, Mary Berry, was going to be there. Along with more from Edd Kimber, and it was to his bakery demo that we first went:


He was demoing his 20 minute croissant recipe, which I had seen on his website a while back and bookmarked to try. He made it into flaky Cinnamon rolls and they looked delicious.

Next I lurked about pestering the Book People until they let me get my grubby (well, not grubby, but they were a little blue due to the new dark blue jeans effect…ooops) little hands on a copy of his new book Say It With Cake so I could get it signed!

Yeah. Somewhat wild-haired but smiley! It is quite inspiring that he won the bake off, jacked in his job that he hated, and now makes his money doing something he loves.I of course, unlike him, do actually love my job, even though currently conditions and uncertainties are in place that are making it somewhat stressful, they will pass, as Mr Churchill once said – “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.

I also got a sneak look at the Lady herself at close range when she was doing her signing:


We watched Edd’s Cake Kitchen demo later on in the day too, and Mary Berry’s afternoon session, but for me, the standout demo of the day came from Patrick Ryan of the Firehouse Bakery and Bread School.

One of the co-authors of Bread Revolution (along with Duncan Glendinning of the Thoughtful Bread Company), he has a really passion and enthusiasm for bread and baking, and made some amazing looking Beetroot dough. Yep. Beetroot. It was a really deep pink, and he used it for a Focaccia topped off with Mozzarella, a Flowerpot loaf, mini buns baked in a silicone mini muffin tin (and served in an egg box! Genius!), and to make some thin crackers that he whipped up a quick hummous dip and yoghurt and mint dip. He also talked through the kneading process, and using the windowpane effect to judge when it’s done: when the dough is elastic enough to be stretched thin enough to be able to see light through it, it is done kneading!

I found it quite inspiring, as quite a novice bread baker, and similar I guess to when I see a band I really like I then buy the CD, or tshirt…… So I bought the book and got it signed 🙂

Sorry Mr M. But frankly, that I only returned from the weekend with 2 books is doing pretty darn well. I should in fact, get a prize for restraint.

I then met up with my friend and went for Poori and Dosa and a catch up near Euston station, then it was time to head back to Bristol!

Thanks London! I had a blast!

Also, due to my collecting of freebies and random other stuff (also possibly my habit of chucking everything in willy nilly…), I had to expand my case…..


Perhaps it’s a good job I didn’t buy that cute bag yesterday!

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