…. I have been feeling like I need to post a little bit more often. So, I took heed from this post, and decided to share with you what is going on.

I have been reading a lot of books on my kindle, especially by a writer called Sally Clements. They are romances, I love me a bit of chick lit. I was a little late to the kindle party as I really love the feel of a book and didn’t think a piece of electronic gadgetry could compare. It can’t really, although I do love being able to download books pretty instantly. Also, a lot of the bestseller type books are more expensive than in print… which is a bit poor really. The reason I finally caved, was that a friend of mine, the very talented, lovely, and all round fabulous Rivka Spicer, decided to bite the bullet and self publish on Amazon. I am so so proud of her, and one of her books,Summer Loving


..has been doing very well indeed.

I have been working in our little “Hot Lab” by myself all week, this can lead to going a bit stir crazy and feeling lonely, so I attempt to combat this with the aid of music.

Quite loud music.

However, the music choice tends towards a large variety of things, dependent on the time of day, and what I am doing. For example, while sat reading culture plates and concentrating, something a bit more mellow… later on however, while juggling all the bits and pieces that I must do, I had a full on party for one soundtracked by ABBA, so pranced around the lab joyously.

I was also quite popular with the secretaries and medical staff this week as I cam bearing doughnuts, cookies, and then Lime Pie. Joy through food.

This past couple of days I have been working on a couple of things, some accessories for a Gangsters and Molls themed 40th birthday party tonight, and playing with a new toy…. More on those to come!

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