A couple of days away….

……….Mr M has been working a silly amount of hours for the past few weeks in the final stages of a project, now it’s delivered, he decided we should have a little break…

Enter his favourite place:

The Scarlet.

It’s a little(ish, only 37 rooms) hotel in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, just along the coast from Watergate Bay. Perched on a cliff, you can relax in the hotel, luxuriate in the spa, or take a stroll along the National Trust maintained cliff paths along the coast… if you’re feeling a little more energetic. On the first day, it was a little overcast, but still quite mild, so we went down to the beach and took advantage of it being Tuesday (and quiet) to fly our kite.

The next day was beautiful, the sun was shining, you wouldn’t believe it was November, so after we had a massage in the spa, we took another short stroll……………

….and then relaxed in the new wooden hot tubs for a seaweed bath. Lush.

Another couple of great things about the Scarlet are that it serves great food, all fresh and local, and also showcases artwork from local artists all over the place, which gives it a nice fresh feel, much better than cold clinical hotels that could be anywhere.

I’m no art critic, in fact a lot of modern art is total rubbish, but where there is true beauty, I think we can all appreciate a bit of art from time to time ;).

My favourites are Susanna Bauer’s crochet enhanced stones, leaves, and sticks like this one:

…which is on one of the shelves in the Retreat upstairs, and is worked from soft alpaca fibre. I love them. I have challenged The Lazy Crafter to try and figure out how to make one… then teach me how!

I also love Anna Gillespie’s natural sculptures like this dude:

…who stands in the Restaurant, constructed out of bits of bark, it’s almost like he grew like that.

Now back to Bristol… and to work… But nevermind! I’m going to see my brother this weekend!

P.S. I have been using some of my relaxation time to crack on with the cross stitch:

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