My weekend in Dublin

Around this time last year, my brother got a spangly new job and he and his girlfriend moved to Ireland. Being the bad sister that I am, up until now we had yet to visit, which is part due to the crazy Ryanair pricing and part hectic hecticness.

We arrived late Friday night, spent a few hours chatting, then crashed ready for a day of exploring.

We met their semi-adopted stray cats…


Little Miss Trampy and mother.

We drove out to Howth in the morning and walked a little along the pier and seafront.


It was a beautiful morning.

We grabbed a quick chocolate twist from Beshoffs Market, then headed towards the centre to The Fumbally for a bit of brunch. I had soup, but the others had some eggy scrambley delights…


Sorry Bro’. I caught you mid-chew.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the centre, browsing the craft stalls, buying Lund-esque jumpers from vintage shops, and also paid a visit to This is Knit in Powerscourt Townhouse for some supplies for a repeat attempt at crochet.

In order to top us up with food, we had burgers. From Jo Burger. Think GBK but way better, about 5 or 6 different burgers, all available with about 15 different toppings. Mine will be a chickpea, red pepper, and coriander burger, with Thai green curry mayo. Ta. And instead of awesome milkshakes think homemade lemonades, like my lush lime and ginger one. Large. And served in a big old jar… like this dimly lit picture demonstrates:


When we got back, we made a triple chocolate pizza with salted caramel sauce, did some Crochet practice (as I hadn’t done any since Mother M showed me the other weekend)…


…and watched Death Proof.

Sunday we drove down to Dalkey, and had a walk about….


Dalkey Island as visible from the mainland. As you can see, the weather is somewhat less nice today! At least it didn’t rain.

We then walked through Sorrento Park up to the viewpoint at the top…. and a wasp stung me on the lip! Owwwwww! I looked like my top lip had been plumped. People pay good money for that, what they really want is a grumpy wasp!

Thankfully, after some time spent crocheting granny squares and the liberal application of antihistamine cream and Magnum minis (which I then ate… no need to be wasteful), the swelling went down a bit in time for our last meal out before our flight home.

We went to Fade Street Social, which is an Irish take on tapas by Dylan McGrath (from Masterchef). I had Tempura – good,Lime and Coriander Cous Cous Stuffed Pepper – great…. then for after? Basil Sugar topped Doughnuts filled with Mango puree and a Lychee dipping sauce – A-mazing.


  1. Can I have the Lund-esque jumper?

      1. Awww man! I think we need a photo!

      2. I’ve only got that one I posted on FB, I shall perhaps try and get the one Nargess took. It’s an attractive look man!

        That song from Glee keeps going through my head, you know, the love song Santana wrote…

        “Trouty Mouth”

      3. Haha! TROUTY MOUTH! Sorry but that’s funny! And I only saw the little bit in the photo x

  2. diaryofamadcrafter · · Reply

    Ooooh fun!! I want to visit Ireland!

    1. It was fun… other than the Wasp sting. I do today look like I have perhaps had a “little work done”, but it’s gradually going down!

      1. diaryofamadcrafter · ·

        Yeah I can imagine!!! OW! Not that this is exactly the same, but when I was in Florida last year, I was snorkeling alllll day, and the next morning my lips were huge from the salt water and sun! It totally looked like I got work done…oh how I wish they stayed plump like that! haha

  3. Good granny square action!

    1. We tried a slightly more complex one after, but I only did the middle before we went home. Nargess did finish hers though and it has multiple colours and everything!

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