My weekend….

….. has consisted of being on call, and a whole lot of rain! It has in fact rained so much, and the road I usually take to work is super winding… and on a hill… that a whole load of debris is all over the road and the Police have closed it. Hmmph. So I’ve had to detour an extra 3 miles each way each time I go in…..
However, yesterday morning, when the clock hadn’t started ticking, I managed to pay a visit to the Made in Bristol: Scissor Paper Stone Vol. 4, pop up shop before it finished trading today.

I bought myself a couple of cute pictures:

By a local artist called Camila Carlow. Can you see what they are?

I didn’t only buy for myself though, and also however, bought a couple of Christmas presents (go me!). However, the two recipients of said gifts may see this so…. I shall keep those on the downlow for now!

I also made a little something for my Mum, and have plans for some other stuff.

I also made some cake to satisfy my cravings for junk…

But the recipe for those is a work in progress…..

How is your weekend going?

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