Pom Pom Garland

The idea was first sparked from seeing this blog post. I love the how colourful the party is…. and I absolutely loved the Pom Pom Garland. One day I am absolutely determined to make a fabulously multicoloured garland, and use up all the random oddments of wool in my stash, but I wanted to make a Christmassy one ready for the festive season, as we are hosting the family M this year as we can’t go anywhere.

Such is the joy of working Christmas Day…..

But to counteract the sad of having to work, I am determined that the entire house will be full of joy and happy and crafty loveliness!

So, once I had made a nice big pile of lovely Pom Poms……

…it was time to make my garland! Pom Poms in Red, Grey, and White, and in a few different sizes. I have planned for this to decorate the dining room, and have picked up some red and white cloth napkins, and a red tablecloth for reasonably cheap, which I plan to embellish a little too. (note: I haven’t actually been making these nonstop… it’s just I kept being distracted and busy so had yet to finish it! When Nicole of Diary of a Mad Crafter posted her pom pom garland made from pre-made pom poms…. I thought that it was high time that I actually got this finished!)

These Pom Poms were all made using my Clover Pom Pom maker, as mentioned in this post.

I started off my measuring the distance between the corners of the room, and the chandelier hanging in the centre:


Note: as this is a Victorian house, the walls are a bit wonky, and nothing is very square, so the distances varied between 2.2 and 2.8m.

So next, I got out my Pom Poms and arranged them by size and colour:


Then divided them into four piles of equal-ish colours and sizes, then started to arrange them into an order to attach on to the garland:


To attach, I found the centre:


Then used a needle threaded with a double stranded piece of wool I inserted the needle through the centre of the Pom Pom:


..then around and back through the centre to hold it in place.

Each Pom Pom was attached with about 16cm between each one:


Until I ended up with a strand of Pom Poms:


and………………………… repeat, until you have all your strands.

I attached them in the corners of the room using the loop formed by the folded over double strand of wool, looped over a picture hook:


…yep, that’s a glimpse of my beautiful Victorian ceiling right there!

Temporarily, I tied a knot in the other end of the wool to form a loop, then looped this other end over the chandelier, so that I could check they were all evenly draped:


Then to properly attach them, I used some high tech equipment…. A cocktail stick:


To do this, I passed the loop through the top link of the chain, then hooked it over the cocktail stick and repeated this with the other 3 loops. This will make it easier to take back down again as all I will have to go it pull out the stick.

This was a Mr M genius idea. The benefits of marrying an engineer.



I think it looks cute! And as it is now December, it is the ideal time to have finished it, as I can now leave it hung up and start getting all festive!

I had a few leftover Pom Poms, so I thought I would make a little decoration for hanging up:


Or what about for decorating some presents?


Endless possibilities! What do you like to use Pom Poms for?


  1. diaryofamadcrafter · · Reply

    LooOoove!!!! They look awesome!!

  2. oiyoufood · · Reply

    I hope I receive a red pom pom!

    1. Pom Poms galore round here! X

    2. I really need to get on and finish the homemade presents that I was planning to make, but have been sidetracked slightly with some covert crafting/baking for something else! EEEEk!

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