A Moose for Moose.

Once again, one of our members of staff is leaving us.

It is a particularly sad time, because it’s another one in a long line of people who have left meaning people are thin on the ground and stressed out, and because of her positivity, joyfulness, and general all-round fabulosity.

Her nickname is Moose.

Because we had more than one Emma at the time and things got confusing.

And she answered to it one day.

She is in no way Moose-like.

This did give me the excuse however, to challenge myself and finally make a project from Knitting Mochimochi that I had loved the look of.


Love the look of every project in this book, the only problem being that pretty much all of them involve knitting in the round…… Eeeep!

I was quite fearful of the whole thing. I had previously started a knitting project from the same book (the feeteater slippers), but once I got to the bit that involved knitting in the round…… I gave up.

This time I did it though. I consulted with my knitting guru (thanks Sue!) and managed it! Go me! This was another one of the super secret crafty projects that I had been working on, but now it’s done and she will be getting it, I can post it!

I needed some little birdies……


…to go on some antlers, with some stitched nostrils, and buttons for eyes…


What do you think?


Super cute yes?

I am so pleased with my first knitting in the round attempt! I may even re-visit my slippers and finish them!


  1. That’s so awesome, all the wee birdies are so cute! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I really like the way it turned out, and she really loved it!

      It took some faffing about with them being so small, I did almost poke myself in the eye a couple of times!

  2. are those my little blue birds?
    Mrs M.

    1. Yep. And my little pink ones!

      It came out cute don’t you think? Worth the risk of poking myself in the eye.

  3. I totally want one!

    1. Cute isn’t he! And my first successful attempt at knitting in the round using double pointed needles too. I haven’t mastered circular needles though!

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