The post-Christmas post

I don’t know about you, but it had been a hectic time this year. It has been good to see people though, and I have had some splendiferously crafty presents, which has been fabulous!

My friend put me together this apron kit:


I love how she also included this tag to add to it:


Haha! I gave her one of the cross stitch kits from this post, so as you can see… we are both of a similar crafty mind!

I got a cake mix from House of the Rising Bun off another friend of mine:


…and a little kit to make Blackcurrant flavoured Lemonade of someone else:


Verdict? Not all that blackcurrant-y, but I do love me some lemonade!

My brother’s girlfriend made us these ornaments for our tree:


..and also gave me this kit to make a doorstop:


….as it has been pretty much non-stop rain here this weekend, along with working on another secret little crafty something, I did some sewing while watching the entire Star Wars saga and put it together:


…utilising the tray and cardboard insert from a big box of chocolate we had as a makeshift tray and pin cushion so I didn’t leave any bits in the sofa:


No one likes sitting on a pin!

I also had some new baking trays, books, and other bits and pieces.

Mr M also has been working on one of his christmas presents in this case, the cross stitch kit I made him:


3 rebels down, another droid and an alien to go!

Aren’t we lucky to have such fabulous things from fabulous people!

How was your Christmas?


  1. oiyoufood · · Reply

    Awww! this post is so sweet Mrs Marsh! The oven looks alright too! I’m loving my pretty apron and gloves by the way! xx

    1. Good! I’m very glad!

      I am trying to finish off my current super secret project, then I am going to start on my apron kit!

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