Post Holiday Recuperation.

We got back on Wednesday afternoon. The first day/night was fine, the next night I made the mistake of snoozing on the sofa while watching tv….. then couldn’t sleep. Boo.

For the last part of the trip we spent a couple of weeks in Seattle visiting a friend of ours, with a long weekend spent in Whistler, BC doing a bit of skiing. We also took a trip on the Ducks of Seattle tour (fun, prepare to be embarassed and just go with it), toured the Theo Chocolate Factory (quite short, and not that detailed, but inexpensive and involves chocolate!), went to the Chihuly Glass and Gardens exhibit at Seattle Center (beautiful colourful creations), and also some more skiing at Crystal Mountain!


Busy times!

We managed to put off the return to reality a little bit on the way back, by using our accrued airmiles from previous trips to upgrade to business class!


Fancy! Oh yes. That’s actual cutlery, not that plastic stuff, 3 courses of pretty nice food (not that impressed with my cheesecake or main pasta dish… but at least it didn’t involve any of those hideous bread rolls). We also of course had the benefit of footstool/fully flat chair/bed combo so we could get a bit of sleeping done. Lush. However, it’s probably going to be the one and only time I will get to have the experience as I’m far too much of a cheapskate to buy a business class ticket!

A further benefit of business class was that we got to have a bigger baggage allowance, which helped a lot with bringing back souvenirs! Oh and my usual pile of random books:


Most of that is due to Powell’s in Portland. Hence the random older secondhand crafts books in there. I also got some random pieces of fabrics, and balls of wool. Time for some fun crafting I think!


Normal service will resume shortly.

In the meantime…… anyone seen those delicious looking Cadbury’s Creme Egg Brownies that have been all over Facebook?


(Image taken from Facebook)

The Cake and Bake Show page on Facebook is planning a bakealong tomorrow afternoon. I have pan. I have chocolate. And quite crucially, I now have Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Boom.

p.s. who is excited for the start of the Great British Sewing Bee on Tuesday? I’m really hoping that it serves to inspire in the same way as Bake Off. Perhaps we shall end up with some fabulous creations!

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