Bowl covers.

I have been embracing bread making recently, but it’s a bit of a pain to faff about with cling film or teatowels to cover up your bowl while proving dough.

I saw a tip on the programme “The Fabulous Baker Brothers” was to use a shower cap to cover your bowl while proving instead of cling film – reusable, easy….. and of course free, when you ‘liberate’ them from hotel room bathrooms!

Practical? Yes. Pretty? No.

But then I saw a link to this page on Pinterest. Naturally I pinned it, then forgot about it for a bit ;o)

Time to give it a go!

I wanted to make a cover for my KitchenAid bowl, which is the bowl I usually make bread dough in (unless I’m feeling like I’m in need of some therapeutic kneading time!)

Take your bowl and draw around it onto your material, then a further two circles, one 2 inches larger, the other 3 inches larger:


Cutout the circle at the 3 inches line, and zigzag stitch around the edge. Next, take some 1/4 inch elastic and wrap it around your bowl so that it has a little bit of tension, cut, and sew the ends together. Next, place the elastic on the 2 inch line, fold over the zigzagged edge, and sew using straight stitch to form a channel around the elastic:


Then… you’re done! Time to make some bread!


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