Apron making kit.

Just after Christmas I posted about some of the lovely things I received. One of which was a kit to make an apron, a GRAND gift no? Jump to 4 months later… I still haven’t made it. Shucks. *cough* Lizzie *cough* Pants *cough*.

So I did.

The instructions came with the pattern for the top bib part of the apron, which you tape together and use as a template:


The remainder of the pieces you make templates for, or just cut out, yourself based on the dimensions given.


Linux supervised.


Good work.

It was somewhat tricky and complicated, the bib part especially, if I made it again I wouldn’t bother to press the binding flat before binding the inner curve, as it ended up all out of shape. In fact, as you topstitch the binding anyway, that part may as well be done last. Anyhow… it was a little messily done:


But I got there in the end. Here it is finished:


Hmmm. It’s not my favourite. I think it makes me look a little pregnant, plus was lots more complicated to make than my old standby pattern. But if you want to make one yourself, you can find the pattern, and a step by step guide on how to make it here, it looks a lot better on the lady in the picture, she doesn’t look pregnant or anything.

You may also notice that the flap on mine is the wrong way round…. yeah… I messed it up and just couldn’t bring myself to fix it.

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