Come on in! (Updated 17.04.2013)

I was suddenly seized upon the urge to do a bit of cross stitch this weekend. I haven’t done any for a long while, so flicked through some old issues of CrossStitcher and looked for a little something to do. (most issues have a few tabs or photocopies inside where I have seen something I like!)

This one was part of an enormous banner project that was part of the  August 2012 issue, full banner = approximately 300 hours of stitching….. Perhaps not. But there are some really fun motifs that can be done separately, and one of them I even had appropriate fabric and threads for.



Urge to stitch satisfied.

It only took a couple of evenings to stitch, while catching up on some telly I had missed while we were away. I admit it. I am addicted to Catfish, Arrow, The Glades…… a whole host of American shows.

Has anyone else been watching The Great British Sewing Bee on Tuesdays, interesting. I could have done with Winkleman being a little more Winkleman though (love her, although she did up the Winkleman-ness in episode 2), but I think it could be just the ticket to inspire some more sewing projects, especially now my crafty room/spare room is almost fully sorted (except the imminent threat of possibly needing a new roof…. eeeek!).

Anyhow, the stitching is done, now it has just joined the pile of other stitched items that need doing something with…. they’re in the pile of shame.

UPDATE 17.04.2013: I finished it off by mounting it in a 6 inch wooden hoop, and making a rough bow decoration out of a strip of turquoise cotton material. The intended place for it is for it to be attached to the glass window of our inner porch door, so I trimmed down a rubber sucker (from a corner shower shelf, I couldn’t find any sucker type hooks) so that it could be wedged in the metal screw fastener at the top of the hoop:

sucker attachment

…and then it was done!


Looks cute yeah?


  1. Lovely that stich! We have also been addicted to Catfish show. Watched them all though. Hope you’ve seen the movie.
    Great British Sewing Bee? Haven’t heard of it. Will look for it tho! 🙂

    1. It’s on BBC2 if you can get it, or iPlayer. Yeah, I saw the movie too, had some resonances at the time with a guy my friend had been chatting to. We never did find out if he was a catfish or not!

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