Baby bibs.

It’s been a fun few days! A very good friend of mine from way back when (Good old Acklam Whin Primary School) got married yesterday, it was a lovely wedding and so good to see lots of my friends from back home that I get to see far too infrequently for my liking!

It was in Sheffield, and on the way back we had made plans to go see another friend of mine in Stockport who was pregnant, we were going to do lunch and catch up… then on Monday she went into labour… 4 weeks early! Mother and baby are both just fine and lovely, but it turned our catch up visit into quite another visit entirely! I am quite grateful really, if she hadn’t have come so early it might have been many many months before we got to meet her!

But what to take with us? I consulted my oracle on things baby related (my friend and mother of two little ones), and she recommended perhaps an outfit for later on, as she found she was prepared with newborn stuff, but then one day discovered it all no longer fitted! So, I got a cute little top and cardigan from Debenhams. Sorted. Although of course I like to make things…….. so then hit upon a plan for some cute little baby bibs!

I used the tutorial and pattern that you can find here. It’s really easy and straightforward, just requiring some towelling material (I bought half a metre), and then some regular cotton, for which I raided my stash of offcuts (you may recognise them from various projects!)


For fasteners, instead of snap fasteners (risk of small object in mouth, didn’t want to have to sew them on), I used snag-free velcro that has both hooks and loops on it and is much softer than regular velcro.


I reckon they turned out pretty cute! I tied them together with some baby girl ribbon.



  1. Rob O'Neill · · Reply

    These baby bibs of yours are totally stunning! You did a very great job in making them all. The effort is all worth it and for sure your friend will really love them.

    1. Aww thanks! 🙂

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