Peacock Print Dress (and getting to use my new toys)

Having now got both a shiny new overlocker, and a shiny new crafting table….. time to test them out!

A friend of mine is getting married on Friday, so I decided to try to make myself something to wear. One of my favourite patterns for a top is Simplicity 3835, I must have made at least 6 of them for myself, it’s really easy to make, with elasticated sleeve cuffs and neckline.


I have also made the mini dress, it has 3/4 length sleeves that have ties on them, and a band at the neckline:


But, to be honest… I’ve never really liked it all that much. I find the ties at the sleeve cuffs annoying, and the neckline irritating. So, I thought I would see if I could make some sort of combination of the different styles, in the longer length style (View A) rather than the mini (View B), and with elasticated neckline (View C) instead of the band. The problem of course being that the top is sewn up the entire back, and the elastic neckline going all the way around… Hmmm. Would I be able to get it on without a zip? For the fabric I used a couple of metres that I have had in my stash for over a year doing nothing.

But, first things first, lay out and cut:


LOVING my new cutting table. It is handily enough just at the right height, and plenty big enough to lay out 2 metres of fabric! Splendid!

I overlocked all my seams to stop the material from fraying:


After I had put most of it together, sleeves in, front sewn to back, I pinned up the remaining bit of the back seam so that it was fully attached up to the neckline, then tried it on…. Success! So finished it off, and made my elasticated neckline as on View C.


View A also has pockets:


I didn’t worry too much about fussy cutting them to blend in, as I just wasn’t that bothered. I’m unsure as the whether I’m a fan of the pockets, I don;t think they really add all the much to the dress, perhaps if there was a little more to them.

But it’s done!


It looks kinda cute no?

In honour of the fact I was making it for my friend’s wedding, I had my X files boxset on while sewing. We loved that show at school, and used to watch it every week. What was kinds weird was that I realised as Scully was doing her voiceover log she gives the date as being in 1993! 1993! 20 years ago! Deary me!

I also made a couple of little free patterns from Colette: the Sorbetto top and Madeleine mini bloomers. I have been wanting to find a nice sleeveless top pattern to make just in case Summer decides to happen this year. So gave these a go in some kinda horrid cheap white that I had offcuts of in my stash, so I could see what the top looked like, and because I just couldn’t resist the bloomers!


The bloomers have a double channel of elastic around the waistline, then are gathered around the leg holes with ribbon. Super cute. The top… needs some adjustment. I think I need to size it down a bit, but overall I like the pattern and have now gained some cute little pyjamas! Ha!

I also made a Malt Loaf last night using this recipe. Lush. Recommended.


  1. Congratulations!!! Good work.

  2. I LOVE the mini bloomers and the little top. Looks like something you’d buy in a French boutique. ( I’ll email this to my mum, she likes your sewing stuff ) x

    1. They’re cute aren’t they? Now I’ve made these first practice ones, I am planning on making some in more exciting fabric. Possibly making some of the tops ready for summer! X

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