A load of Pants……..

By pants… I of course mean the English version. Knickers. Panties. Underwear. Briefs. Whatever you want to call them. No trousers here.

I made some practice Madeleine bloomers last week, and then found another free pattern online so decided to go a bit crazy and make a whole load of pants!

Oh and I decided to embrace some new techniques:


Yup. French seams. Not too tricksy, although mine were 1/4 inch seams in accordance with the seam allowance on the patterns, so not all that delicate and couture!

Anyhow, first I made the Amerson pattern by Madalynne, you can download it here.


French seams to join the pieces together along the stitching lines, and double fold hems along the edges, which then have 1/4 inch elastic applied to gather along the waistband and leg holes (I only had white elastic though, would be better with black).

Then I made a pattern that I already had, and have made already. My friend Rachael and I once went to a knicker making workshop ran by Flo-Jo Boutique. We each made a pretty pair of pants, and also bought their Knicker making kit so we had the multi size pattern, and made lots that year for Christmas presents.


It’s a really simple pattern, one piece for the back, and one for the front out of cotton, and a piece cut from cotton jersey for the gusset. You layer up the pieces front, back, gusset, and sew together at the bottom. You then fold the gusset over and along the crotch edges, then sew the front to back together at the sides. Gathering along the waistline and leg holes is done using knicker elastic, which can be difficult to get hold of, but is really easy. Then a little bit of ribbon for a bow and done!

Finally, Colette’s Madeleine mini bloomers pattern number two after my practice ones the other day:


But, I didn’t have enough cherry print for front and back, so did the stripy print for the back (both fabrics were leftover from my apron making kit)

I trimmed the seams along the areas where the channels were going to be sewn this time, which made it much easier.

Favourite pattern? Flo-Jo. Simple. Easy. And, quite importantly they are comfy, with a fully lined…..area. They do require knicker elastic though, which can be difficult to get hold of, whereas the others just use simple 1/4 inch elastic.

Which ones do you guys prefer?


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