A quick DIY for Yoga: Yoga mat towel.

This weekend our boiler broke. Just after Mr M went away for a business trip. Him being all manly, he doesn’t seem to trust my estimation, I suspect he thinks that if he pushes a button it will magically fix itself, so wants to see it for himself before we call someone out to fix it……


Meanwhile, I have no hot water or heating, which means things are a bit chilly round here, and I can’t shower. Thankfully, this doesn’t have as much as an impact as it could have, not because I don’t shower, but because  I already shower at work 3 mornings a week after my Metafit class. The other two mornings? Well I decided to make it back to Bikram Yoga


90 minutes of stretching, balancing, and….sweating in a 42C room. Oh, and of course the important bit……………..showers. Nobody wants me to go out in public after I have sweated my way through a Bikram class.

The key with Bikram, is to wear as little as possible, otherwise you just have to cart about disgusting sweaty clothing all day, one towel for a shower afterwards, and another for your mat. Of course a regular towel doens’t tend to be to right size for a yoga mat, you want it to cover the entire surface of the mat. You can buy special towels to put on your mat, with grippy undersides to stop them slipping on the mat, but I’m not sure that that is really necessary, so I thought I would just make some.

Step 1: Buy some towelling material? Check.

Step 2: Wash it to pre-shrink the fabric. Miss this step at your peril, you don’t want to go through the effort of making a towel to cover your mat, and then have it shrink after it’s first wash so it doesn’t quite cover it anymore. (Yes, I know from experience!)

Step 3: Measure your yoga mat, mine are 61x174cm. Cut your fabric to size. As I was using my overlocker to finish the edges, I didn’t have to leave extra for seam allowance, but I did leave an extra cm at each edge, as I wanted it to cover right over the edges. If you don’t have an overlocker, you could straight and zigzag stitch the edges, or make a narrow hem.


Step 4: Stitch your edges! Yep, it’s just that easy.


Step 5 (optional): My yoga studio doesn’t have lockers for belongings, and while the building is nice and secure during class, there are some things that are too important! I can’t wear my engagement and wedding rings during class as they interfere with my grip, so I used some leftover fabric to make a little pocket in the corner to pop them into during class. It’s just a square of fabric, and a rectangle. All edges overlocked. The rectangle and square are stitched onto the main piece around the edges, envelope style, allowing me to pop in my rings and keep them secure on my mat!




Now it’s time for sleeps.

I am a wee bit tired as I got up early for yoga this morning and had a little bit of a late night last night…………….



Pure joy I tell you. Pure joy.

I love a band where the members love what they do, love each other, and create the sort of bouncy spangly pop perfection that makes me grin from ear to ear. If any McFly comes on my iPod on my walk to work I often think that anyone walking past must think I’m kinda odd, I just can’t help the spring in my step, smile on my face…… oh and the tendency to sing a long sometimes. Badly.

Happy Tuesday peoples!


  1. amedicstudent · · Reply

    Love the little pocket idea – very nifty!

    1. Yep, just big enough to keep my important things in!

  2. I LOVE the pocket idea. I just bought 2 yards of terry cloth to make my own yoga towel because I can’t fathom spending $40 for an oversized bath towel. Hopefully my sewing machine still works tomorrow!

    1. Same! They ask crazy money, but regular towels are just too short!

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