An Ode to my Perfect Jeans.

The elusive Perfect Pair of Jeans.

So difficult to find, so personal and so precious.

Once found, of course they should be bought in multiples of… 10 or so? These are just such a pair, well worn and well loved:


I like them because they fit reasonably tightly around the waist, fitted enough to flatter, while not being too tight so they’re uncomfortable, and are flared at the bottom. In between that, they aren’t too tight around the legs to restrict movement, or to highlight my wonky looking knees (isn’t it weird what some people don’t like about themselves?)

Like all foolish beings, when I first bought them (£15 from Cardiff Primark, thank you very much) I didn’t realise what I had, then of course wanted more, and our Primark did not have them. NOOOOOOO! About 6 months later, I stumbled across some in the sale rack for a whole £6 each! YES!!!!! I of course then bought both pairs that they had in my size and scurried off into the night cackling with glee….. Or at least that’s how I remember it in my mind ;o)

Of course, while I say they were perfect, they weren’t entirely perfect. They are made from a very lightweight, thin denim that while perfect for summertime wearing, didn’t stand up to much, leading to the eventual formation of indecent holes in the…… “inner thigh area”:


There was also some embellishment of the inside of the waistband with some decorative braid that had very scratchy edges, which led to occasional scabby scrapes on my hips:


All three of my pairs have now suffered the same fate, but I had refused to let go of them, hoarding them instead in the bottom of the wardrobe, and hunting for another perfect pair of jeans to fill the gap……. Pretty unsuccessfully I might add, as it seems that most places are under the impression that everyone wants to wear jeans so tight they cut off the circulation, and when the fit around the waist, they are too tight around the knees, and so you try a size above, they are ridiculously huge around the waist….. and are still too tight around the knees… What is the deal with that? Whose legs are that shape?

Then, about 6 months ago I saw an advert somewhere, Facebook maybe, for an online class on Craftsy – Jean-ius with Kenneth D King. It is designed to take you through the steps to make your own pair of jeans, using an old pair as a template.

So, I started to analyse what I liked about these jeans, ready to make my own pair:


Size and shape is good. I also liked the double layer of topstitching in constrasting threads, and the fancy back pockets. When I was at college I had another favourite pair of jeans, they had an embroidered lightning bolt on the back pockets, so perhaps the addition of a nice detail on the back pockets, some nice detail on the inner waistband (but not scratchy braid), maybe some fun pocket linings on the front.

So, it’s a horrible overcast day here, Mr M has gone away to France for a business trip until Thursday, I’m on call until tomorrow morning….. an ideal time to start my Jean-ius! If this one is successful, I also have another old pair that I would like to attempt to re-make, but they are more complex, with 3 panels to make up each leg, and a waist that needs modification as it doesn’t have a waistband, just a facing, which always really irritated me.

Otherwise, this week I also used up the remainder of the white towelling I bought for the bib making, by making a whole heap more, as another friend of mine is due to give birth pretty soon, this morning I did the final stage of putting on the velcro, so they are ready to go!


I am also planning to finish off some more coasters for the lounge, I had done the crochet squares a long while ago, but want to neaten them up with white felt backing like the others:


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