Busy week!

You might have imagined from my lack of posting that I have been not doing a lot.

That would be incorrect. It has been a very busy week indeed!

The Rhubarb cordial I made at the beginning of the week formed part of a little breaktime treat on Tuesday. As we are now civil servants, there is a privileged day each year to mark the Queen’s birthday. However, a) we are still on NHS terms and conditions so it didn’t apply to us, and b) we are part of frontline operations, so couldn’t all just take the day off anyway.

Sorry Queenie.

We did however get out the bunting, which is still up a week later (it makes the place look quite summery), and drink cordial, and eat cake and coconut ice and quiche and other joyous things. I think we did her proud in our own way.

Queen's Birthday

Then, it was the birthday of a friend of mine on Friday, and she had a few weeks previously seen a recipe in Good Food magazine for some Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Billionaire’s Shortbread, and half jokingly requested it for her birthday.

So……………… Even though I pretty much detest peanut butter…….

I delivered.


That’s a base layer of shortbread with added peanuts, then a peanut butter, butter, and icing sugar layer, salted caramel layer, then finally, a layer of chocolate.

It was kind of fun to make something a bit different though, so I have suggested she should set me something each month. She is happy with this, so watch this space! I shall call it the Good Food Challenge!

The last bit of the week was taken up by a weekend away to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest for a friend’s Hen do. I made a little cake for the occasion, and decorated it to match the theme of red and white polka dots.


A fabulous weekend where I wound up climbing up big old wooden poles and jumping off platforms onto trapezes (I hate heights), canoeing, swimming, bowling (badly, very, very badly), and generally enjoying the general loveliness that is catching up with friends that you haven’t seen for a while. Oh, and of course thanking the weather for being gloriously sunny but breezey all weekend. Perfect.


A good week in the world of Lindsay.

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