Summertime Drinking: Rhubarb Cordial

I love a light refreshing drink on a summery day. Or, one of the few days of the year when the sun shines and the sky is blue and all is lovely in the world.

Which does occasionally happen.

Even in England.

My all time favourite is Elderflower cordial, Mr M and I like to take a cycle out with friends to go hunt down some Elderflowers at this time of year, and took advantage of the lovely sunny Sunday to do so, but it was unfortunately not quite time for Elderflower, only a few heads were ready.


Previously I have also made Lemon (or Lemon and Vanilla) cordial, which was also quite lovely, but I thought I would try something different with some Rhubarb I had about the place, having had some lovely Rhubarb Lemonade at Demuths last week.

Rhubarb Cordial Recipe – taken from here.


1.5kg rhubarb, roughly chopped (I used about 1kg)

Caster sugar

Lemon juice


Place the rhubarb in a pan with 75ml water over a low heat. Cook slowly until the juices start coming out of the rhubarb, then turn the heat up a little. Continue cooking until completely soft.

Line a large mixing bowl with a piece of clean muslin and tip in the rhubarb. Gather the corners of the muslin and tie together. Hang the bag over the bowl for several hours to drain. (or….. you have an ill-fitting gauze bag and pop it into a colander and keep in place with some beaters……)


Measure the juice: for every litre add 750g caster sugar and 75ml lemon juice.

Pour into a pan on a medium heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Turn off the heat before it boils. Pour into sterilised bottles and seal.

Rhubarb Cordial

Serve 1 part cordial with 3 parts still or sparkling water.




I had Kent rhubarb, which was quite green, if I had yorkshire forced rhubarb it might have been even pinker!


  1. Caroline · · Reply

    Finally. I have rhubarb come out of my ears, garden plant going bezerk I shall be making a lot of this. Thanks

    1. It does use quite a lot of rhubarb, so a perfect thing if you have a glut of the stuff! I wish I was green fingered enough to grow things….. Oh and that I had a garden rather than just a yard!

  2. Even I can grow rhubarb Linds LOL. And I kill everything. You just have to plant it and then watch it take over the garden. The only problem we ever had with ours was the slugs – they decimated it every year.

    This sounds delicious. Going to have to try it 🙂

    1. But I really kill everything. Also, still don’t really have anywhere to plant it, I don’t think it would like decking!

      Perhaps they shall have some going spare at Chipko!

      It was quite delicious, we have drank it all now. As it’s quite syrupy it tends to sink a little bit in the glass though, so I had to keep giving it a little stir while drinking otherwise the bottom of the glass was super rhubarby!

      1. Lol I killed a Jerusalem Rose and you only have to water them once every 50 years!! Seriously, rhubarb is easy to grow. It might work in a large pot maybe?

        I think we’re going to try making some of this in September 🙂

      2. Perhaps.

        Yeah, give it a go. I have been eating the leftover Rhubarb mush with yoghurt and stuff. Seems a shame to just chuck it, as you only need the liquid.

      3. CRUMBLE!!! I love rhubarb crumble lol. It’s actually really nice with shortbread and ice cream too. And stem ginger in tarts. Omnomnom…

      4. All sounds like a good plan. Although the weather probably goes against crumble at the moment. We don’t want to scare away the sun!

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