Current projects.

Ok, so not all of my current projects… a couple are secret… Shhhhh! But a little glimpse and tease as to what is occurring at Marsh towers this week!

After I finished the Elephant cross stitch… I needed another cross stitch fix, it’s just so darn therapeutic when you are stressed about other things! So this project is another from the to stitch list, and brought to you by these lovelies:



I have also been doing a little bit on my Tofino pants. I never cut into my bought patterns, just in case I make a mistake, and also because often there are multiple variations and I don’t want to ruin the pattern in case I want to make them later!

So, I trace off the patterns:



Then I can preserve my patterns intact for next time!

Anyway, I have now made my piping ready for the seams:



…and the belt to tie around the waist:



Nice and bright and yellow!

Next step is to cut out my other pieces, using some beautifully coordinating fabric! Haha! I shall keep that as a nice surprise!

What a tease I am.

One comment

  1. very cool. Hope all of your secret projects are turning out well! My have has been gathering up some floral supplies for projects of her own.. cant wait to see how they turn out

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