I finished my Pyjamas!

So, earlier this week I posted a little about the bias piping and waist tie I made for my pyjamas for the Tofino Pyjama Party. Now, I have finished them!


Score one for rain induced productivity! I promised also that the fabric was somewhat…erm….. beautiful and one to coordinate with such brightly coloured trimmings!

Tofino Pyjama Pants

Ta dah! It has DIY piping, BUTTONHOLES, channels for elastic and waistband ties….. Oh and I actually pressed at each stage like I was supposed to! Woo! Go me! I am learning!

What can I say about the fabric. It just spoke to me in the shop. I wouldn’t usually go for anything with an animal print. Except for that time where I bought some leopard print fabric for a Josie and the Pussycats costume………………

My friends at work were a little dubious, but I think, particularly for pyjamas, you can get away with something a little more outrageous and vile on the eyes. I have threatened to make myself a top out of it now too and wear it to work 😉 I’m not the one who has to look at it after all!

My little Bernie has been a busy machine this weekend! One of our Consultants at work goes on maternity leave this week so I made her some bibs to form part of her maternity leave present, then…………….. while I was at it, made some for another couple of friends that have just had babies:

Baby bibs

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