Stag Beetle

Another Cross Stitched project complete! This, again, came from issue 256 of CrossStitcher Magazine, submitted and designed by Genevieve Brading of Floss and Mischief (I also love this Snout-esque Beetle available online).

Things are a bit up in the air at the moment at Marsh Towers (hence the need for stress-reducing stitching), but we shall have to wait and see what happens! There is also a busy time coming up, birthdays, anniversary……. It’s a stressful but hopefully enjoyable time! Anyhow, when stressed it is good to craft.

This project started life as these:


Then started looking a bit like a green demon:


Demon on a pogo stick?:


…anyhow…. I cracked on, stitching in various shades of blue, green, and grey, until….:


I love how the bright blue looks alongside the greens of the body. You can still see the little green demon right in the middle, I started from the centre and worked my way out.

But it’s looks like it’s missing a little something yes? Well, that’s because I left the final bit until last:


Anyone feel a sudden urge to quote Goldmember? “I love gooooooold!”. Except you can’t see it very well in this picture…. imagine those gold-y coloured bits are glitzy and golden.

Note: Gold or in fact any metallic thread is vile horrible stuff. I recommend using shorter than usual lengths, and being careful while pulling the threads through, so that you minimise snags and tangles.

I love him.

P.s. this is what usually happens whenever I am stitching at home.


Cat on lap.

A person may take this for affection. I however know that it is due to her love of thread. She will often take a sudden swipe at my thread as I am stitching, or try to eat it, rendering it wet and icky. Thanks love. Silly puss.

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