A pretty little Sorbetto

While the weather has turned overcast, the temperature is still kinda warm.

Time to get out your summer wardrobe! Or to add cute sleeveless tops to it…..

Enter the Sorbetto pattern. It’s really easy to make, and doesn’t take all that much fabric. Two pieces, couple of darts…. sew front to back, edge in binding……



I have used this fabric before to make one of my favourite Simplicity patterns, and I like how it looks with the contrasting bright white binding

…and because I guess I should show a picture of it on…. Here you go:


Yeah. I know. Not the most glamorous picture. I had been at work all day. This is a size 2/4, 2 in the bust, graduated out to size 4  at the bottom. I bought a large cutting mat and rotary cutter recently, and used them to cut out the pattern. So much quicker! One of my tasks on my list is to make some sewing weights. Currently I either pin my pattern, or weight it down with random objects!



  1. How gorgeous !

    1. Just need the sun to come back now!

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