Baking… baking… baking

So we returned from our weekend away, beautiful sunshine, fabulous family times…. and I have most of this week off! Score!

Mr M was however in cake debt with work, whenever it is your birthday… you must bring cake. These days he doesn’t feel that he can just bring a bag of doughnuts like he used to, apparently they now expect great things each year! The pressure! And each time I make something new he says “yep, that can go on the list”….. He took a quick flick through the baking section of the blog and drew up quite a list indeed!

So…. I took a quick wander down to the shop (I had to shop local – or as local as it can be when local is a Tesco Metro – as some nasty piece or work broke my petrol tank filler cap and helped themselves to my petrol! Grrrrr!) and came back with this:


Yup. In amongst other things, there is over a kilo of dark chocolate…..

So, in the end I rationalised the list down to 6 things:

Raspberry and Chocolate Macarons (like I made here)

Millionaire’s Shortbread (like I made here, but I added 1/4tsp of salt to the caramel layer to make them salted caramel)

Cherry and Chocolate Chunk Brownies

“Rolo” Cupcakes

Schokolade Kuchen

Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart Raspberry and Chocolate Macarons


But that still took me most of the day (in amongst working on my super secret project (shhhh!) that I now had to finish before Tuesday as we are taking a trip away….. But is it done and wrapped!) and when Mr M returned home having took it all into work… not a single thing left for me! Hmmmmph! Good job I got myself some Chocolate Bessant and Drury‘s while I was at the shop…..


This is by my standards is doing pretty darn well, as I have been known to still be stitching on buttons, printing, all sorts of things, right up until the deadline!

Now onto the next task……

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