I have a problem.

A fabric problem.

I was pre-washing my fabric for my fancy Lonsdale dress – prewashing and pressing it! Yes! Actually doing it all properly and everything! And I decided to wash a whole load of my fabrics at the same time so that they were all ready for making things with.

I realised something.

I…………………. Lindsay Marsh….. have a fabric problem.


Yep. These are just my big pieces. 1 metre or bigger. I also have a shelf full of random pieces that were gifted to me by my cousin’s mother-in-law, and a box of small pieces.

Sometimes I just can’t resist a pretty pattern, and will buy a metre with a view to using it… at some stage. A lot of the time they get turned into tops, like my favourite  Simplicity 3835, or a Sorbetto of some sort….

Sometimes however….they sit on the shelf….

Time to tackle that stash!

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