Apron making and cake testing.

There’s a group on Facebook, Food Feed, where people who like to take pictures of their food and share ideas and things with others, can do so without irritating everyone else. I’m a member, and another member Miss South, of the North/South food blog, was looking for some recipe testers. I volunteered, and the first recipe I tested was this Trinidad Banana Bread:

Trinidad Banana Bread

My first attempt…. not so successful. This time around with some tweaking? Delicious! I guess that’s why we test!

I also made another little apron for my friend’s daughter, to add to the little dress I made her for her birthday. I used the leftover material from one I made for myself over a year ago:

Saffy Apron

Just a simple apron, but I made some binding out of some more material from my stash, just like before. I think it really finishes it off nicely, and makes it look super cute! I didn’t make it double layered this time, or with the frill along the bottom as I didn’t have enough material, but also it may have looked a bit OTT on so small an apron!

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