Jane Austen Promenade.

I have lived in Bristol for 8 years, and each year I have always wanted to go to the Jane Austen Festival… but never got around to it… Given that we are moving to California in less than 2 months, it was now or never!

My friends were also already coming down this weekend, so it seems the planets had aligned and it was time to do it!

It was however decided quite late on, so this week has been a mad rush to get all three of us outfits. Thankfully, my friend Fran has a costume shop, Fancy Dress Fanatics, and had a couple of bonnets, and a dress we could hire, the rest? Well, we made them!

Lizzie and I had dresses made from Simplicity 4055 (View B)

Simplicity 4055

..and the bonnets were hired from Fancy Dress Fanatics. We also made Sense and Sensibility Patterns Spencer Jackets:

Spencer Jacket

…. we added a little peplum to the back to help cover up the opening in the skirt placket, and also made some little simple reticules to keep our bits and pieces in.

Rivka had a dress from the hire shop, but we made her a cape from this tutorial (but a little shorter, half length rather than full length), and modified a straw hat to make a bonnet.

Regency Dress and Cape

The promenade was about 500 regency costumed Austen fans, walking from Royal Crescent Gardens to Parade Gardens in Bath, via the Circus and other landmarks of Bath.

Look at everyone gathered together at the end:



Doesn’t everyone look great!

Seriously, I have never had my picture taken more times in one day in my life!


    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun, but now I have seen so many more bits and pieces I would like to make! I will have to make myself a whole wardrobe and plan a trip back specially next time!

  1. Reblogged this on The World According to ET and commented:
    So this is what my friends and I do for fun! Shame I didn’t meet my Darcy!!!

  2. Wow, absolutely stunning! I would live to go to an event like that. It looks so much fun 😀

    1. It was! So glad we finally got round to do it. Have scoped out some similar events and costume related funtimes in the states already!

  3. Reblogged this on alylonna and commented:
    So this is what I was doing Thursday through Saturday! Between us (with Linds doing most of the work) we made 2 dresses, 2 jackets, 3 reticules (purses), 1 cape and a bonnet. It was great fun, although it was a bizarre experience. It was a lot like being famous – everyone stopping us every 10 metres or so for photographs. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a tourist blushing while they ask if they can have their photograph taken with you lol. I’d definitely go again though 🙂

  4. I went to this in 2012 and loved it. Hope to go again in 2014. Your outfits look fab.

    1. I wish I was going again this year, but we moved to California in October, so it now requires somewhat more planning! I will go back again!

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